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For G.G. Burns, art is an innate force first bubbling out, as a 2-year olds' crayon drawings to over 40 years of illustrating, painting and creating digital designs. So ingrained is her love of art that it's creative pull often spilled out at inopportune times. (A realistic 1st grade portrait of a substitute teacher landed GG in the principal's office. A college professor reprimanded her for doodling campaign ads during his lectures.)

Now, with over 30 years experience as a fashion illustrator and then later as a graphic designer for several international corporations, GG finally has the freedom to enjoy her creative wanderlust as well as to benefit from its therapeutic value. Her complete immersion into new mediums and concepts allow her to move beyond several serious heath challenges into the expanded world of the visual mind.

The past few years, GG has become widely known for not only her fashion inspired Derby Divas, but for hand-painted coasters and trivets. GG's unique style sets her apart from the sea of other Kentucky-based artists. Her colors turn the words "vivid" and "vibrant" into understatements. GG also enjoys painting pet portraits and has contributed to animal humane organizations her entire adult life.

GG calls her style "Functional Art" art that serves a purpose, is affordable, unique, and created by hand in Kentucky. More than just something that hangs on a wall or sits on a shelf, GG's Functional Art stimulates inspiration and discussion, adds beauty, sends a message, and connects people through conversation. A delightfully unique combination of alcohol inks, acrylic paints, resin, and pixels, her beautiful coasters and trivets are more than a collection of pretty colors; these creative works brighten up a home or office on many levels. Simply put, as GG will tell you: "Functional Art is art you can use."



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